A Church for the Third Millennium
Picture of the church on 4th May 2008

"The act of faith which the parish of Mill Hill has made in the building of this new church is a testimony to the truth that a church is not only bricks and mortar, but also the people who believe and worship. Your faith makes this church a place of prayer and a house fit for God." - Cardinal George Basil Hume, OSB, September 1996.


To the Catholic Parish of the Sacred Heart and Mary Immaculate. It is served by priests from the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians), who originally came to Mill Hill in 1889.

This Week

Insight - a way of looking at life that is different from others

Prayers of Condolence 

The Parish are united in prayer in remembrance of PC Keith Palmer, those who died, the injured and their relatives, in the terrible tragedy of last Wednesday at Westminster. May those who have died Rest in Peace. Michael McCullagh c.m.

Sunday, 19th March (after 11.30 Mass) Church Hall: Coffee Morning.

This week end Car Park Renewal (£30) will take place after each Mass. All key holders are obliged to abide by the terms and conditions issued with every key. We remind you again that there will be inevitable restrictions in place between May—October during hall renovations.

Wednesday, 29th March: 18.00: First Communion session: "We remember and celebrate"

Friday, 31st March: 19.30: Church Hall: Senior Youth Club

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