Weekly Mass Intentions

Chalice, Book and CrossLiturgical Calendar  

Details of this week's Masses and the intentions for which they are offered. To save space, some abbreviations are used, as follows:

(A) - Anniversary (RV) - Recovery
(MM) - Month's Mind (P) - Private Intention
(RD) - Recently Deceased (RIP) - Requiescat In Pace or Rest in Peace
(S) - Special Intention (T) - Thanksgiving

17th - 24th March, 2017

Day Dedication Morning Afternoon / Evening
Saturday 17th St. Patrick

10.00: Norrie Beatty (RIP)

18.00: John Coyle (A)

Sunday 18th 5th Sunday of Lent
8.30: For the People of the Parish

10.00: Michael O'Halloran (RD)

11.30: Raimond Travers

18.00: He Tai (A)
Monday 19th St. Joseph 10.00: Lee Wah & Lau Lin Tai (A)
19.30: Eddie Breslin (RIP)
Tuesday 20th Lent feria
10.00: Landicho Family (T)

no mass
Wednesday 21st Lent feria
10.00: Catherine Clancy (RD)

No Adoration Today

10.30 Reconciliation for the Children from St. Vincent's

19.30: Service of Reconciliation
Thursday 22nd Lent feria
10.00 Deborah Akinbanji (A)

no mass
Friday 23rd Lent feria

10.00: Danny Cregan (RIP)

no mass
Saturday 24th Lent feria 10.00: Bridget Minihane (RIP)
18.00: Julia Tuohy (RIP)