Parish Accounts

Accounts for 2014 - 2015


Offertory £129,832
Tax Refunds 0
Catechetics, Repository, Candles and Papers £16,883
Parish Centre and Car Park £17,799
Christmas and Easter Dues £11,792
Sundry Donations £15,573
Charity Collections £11,884
Legacies £25,000


Clergy Salaries + Supply £14,460
Non Clergy Salaries £32,579
Car, Travel expenses £2,808
Housekeeping £7,149
Catechetics, Repository, Candles and Papers £22,634
Property Expenses £39,284
Office and Administration £5,308
Sundry Expenses £20,426
Diocesan and Vincentian (CM) Assessment £42,798
Payment of collections for charities £11,884

Surplus for the year: £29,233

Thank you all for your continued financial support. This year I again encourage those who pay tax and who do not participate in GIFT AID to consider doing so. Gift Aid is applicable to PLANNED GIVING (weekly envelopes) or to STANDING ORDERS. Last year  we  improved the number of those participating in GIFT AID. However our percentage is below those participating in similar parishes in the diocese. Further information can be obtained from members of the Finance Committee via the presbytery.