Parish Groups and Activities


Parishioners are involved in a huge variety of groups, some of which are parish-based while others are supported by wider organisations (such as the Knights of St. Columba Some are directly concerned with Parish Ministries while others relate to catechetics and spiritual formation, charitable works, administration and social events. Hopefully the mix is rich enough for everybody to find a way to share their skills and interests.

Some groups have their own page, while others are just listed below. If you organise a group that is not listed, or if you want to update or correct information about your group, please email editor[at]

Making Contact

Should you wish to make contact with any group in the Parish, please phone or email the Parish Administrator, stating the name of the group and giving your phone number. The Co-ordinator of the group will then contact you.  

Parish Groups

Sacramental Preparation

Ministries and Liturgy

Social and Aid Groups


Young People

Ecumenical Groups