The RCIA Process


Defining the Stages

The RCIA Process involves a number of steps that are meant to guide you on your journey toward becoming a Catholic.  Depending on your past, such as your baptismal status, the RCIA process may differ slightly for different people.  For those who have not been baptized in an acceptable manner, they will go through the entire RCIA process.  For those who have already been baptized in an acceptable manner, you simply must come into "full communion with the Catholic Church."  What is an acceptable baptism?  I won't go into detail on that here.  Instead, I recommend that you consult your local parish priest to see where you stand.

The Full RCIA Process

Coming into Full Communion

For those who have already been baptized, they are known as Candidates.  As a Candidate, you will go through many of the same periods of growth as the Catechumens.  For Candidates, the focus is on teaching the foundations and traditions of the Catholic Church in contrast to other Christian denominations.  Like Catechumen, Candidates should spend a great deal of time focusing on their studies, prayer, and learning the scriptures.