Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B - 8th February 2015

Christ, the Church's One Foundation

In AD 50 Paul arrived in Corinth. It was a large Greek city, well known for its important commercial port and lively because of its many currents of thought. He spent eighteen months there proclaiming the Gospel and laid the basis for a flourishing Christian community. Others came after him and continued the work of evangelization. The new Christians they had evangelized, however, tended to become attached to whoever had brought Christ's message to them, rather than to Christ himself. Factions arose:"I belong to Paul,' some would say. Others, referring to their own favourite apostle, would say, ‘I belong to Apollos' or 'I belong to Peter.'

Faced with the divisions that rocked the community, Paul vigorously intervened. He emphasized that the Church, like a building, like a temple, may have many builders. But it has a sole foundation, the living stone: Jesus Christ.

We too must base our lives on Christ and that means to be one with him, to think as he thinks, to want as he wants, to live as he lived.

We do so by putting the Gospel into practice. If we live his words, or better, if his words 'live us' to the point of making us 'living Words', then we will be one with him.

As the body breathes in order to live, so the soul lives by living the Word of God. One of the first fruits is the birth of Jesus in us and among us. This causes a change in mentality. It injects into the hearts of all (whether European, African, American or Asian) the same sentiments that Christ had.

The Word lived sets us free from human conditioning transforming us bit by into 'other Christs'.

The fact is that each Word, although expressed in human terms and in different ways, is the Word of God. Hence Love should be the foundation of our Church.

(Taken from the "Word of Life" - A monthly commentary on a sentence from the Scripture written by Chiara Lubich)