Second Sunday of Easter - Year B - 12th March 2015

What is Easter?

A special thank you to all who prepared the inspiring Liturgy of Holy Week. The Liturgy committee, priests, readers, musicians, choirs, altar servers, stewards, those who prepared the booklets, sacristans and florists, each contributed in their own unique way to making it such a spiritual and prayerful experience. It would not have been possible without the immense input from all concerned.

Fresh from the Liturgy of Holy Week and the Easter morning celebrations we are now brought back to earth by the story of St Thomas who refused to believe unless he was given tangible evidence that the Lord had risen. The Church uses this gospel for the second Sunday of Easter for all three Years. Perhaps, a point is being made!

Secularism, liberalism and individualism are the philosophies of our day. Christian values are no longer to voiced or upheld in public. In his Easter message our Prime Minster ignored any mention of the Risen Christ. He said "Easter is all about remembering the importance of change, responsibility, and doing the right thing for the good of our children." I guess he did so not out of ignorance but he wanted to be politically correct. It is within this adverse secular culture that we Christians are called to witness to our faith in the Resurrection.

The earliest Christians used to have only a single line to their creed "Jesus is Lord". For them that said everything. For them God was at the centre of all things. A gracious, personal God and who is powerful enough and loving enough to overcome all things. It is with this same faith that we Christians must break forth from behind our locked doors and face the challenges of our day.

Faith in the resurrection of Jesus is a practical thing, an everyday trust that there is a deep anchor that is holding everything together. We, for our part, can get on with the business of living, knowing that our inadequacies, failings and even our deaths are not the final answer. Faith in the Resurrection is the lived experience that God is still in charge.

During Easter Season (from now to Pentecost) we should make a special effort to accompany those first disciples in strengthening our faith in the presence of the Risen Lord. He never ceases to raise us to new life, to new levels and new possibilities. Let us not be afraid to proclaim our faith.

Fr. Kevin O'Shea, C.M.