2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C - 17th January, 2016

When the Wine Runs Out

There are days in everyone's life when nothing goes right. The car won't start. The baby is sick. It is snowing outside. Debts are accumulating. Because of these stresses even the happiest of homes can be transformed into a living hell, where arguments, quarrelling and even violence can rule the day. It is then that our warts, our wounds and welts are exposed for what they really are and we are at our wits end.

This is not only true of the home; it is true of all aspects of our lives. At times we all feel the wine is running out. How often have we heard people say; "Why should I bother? It will make no difference anyway." Or “After all these years, I'm not going to change now. I was born this way." The husband or wife admits, "I guess we're just stuck in a rut." Yes at times we all feel like the wine has run out

Then comes today’s gospel and challenges us. Jesus has the power to transform our lives. Just as he transformed ordinary water into extraordinary wine, so He can change the disaster, hurt and betrayal into growth and fulfilment and transform our lives.

But we must be trusting as Mary was and listen to her advice to the servants “Do as he tells you”.

It would be a mistake to think that miracles such as the one we had today were events that happened long ago. No, they were recorded in the Gospels by John as signs for us of what Jesus Christ can do and is still doing for those who believe. Yes, miracles can and do happen.

It's up to us to invite him into our lives. After all, it all began with an invitation to a wedding feast. And that invitation is now in our hands.

Sadly many of us are content with water. We prefer to manage our own lives and want to keep God at arms length. We put so much of life off limits that God can't even get close to the parts of us that need him most. We fear the consequences. Keeping God at arm's length is a sure recipe for misery and dejection. And that's a real tragedy

Jesus' miracle at Cana says, "Don't settle for self pity or for the sadness and despair that go with it. Don't settle for what you call survival, open your heart and invite Jesus into your life."

Jesus wishes to be involved in all that we do. He wants to support us and to walk every step of the way with us. Like Mary we have to believe and be convinced that Jesus can turn water into wine.

Fr Kevin O'Shea, C.M.