Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord - Year C -
27th March, 2016

New Life

These days our gardens are full with signs of new life.  All nature is waiting  to burst into bloom. Christ has risen and lives again, so let us  too  give  ourselves  to  that  new  life  He offers.


Easter is an affirmation  of life in the face of death,  a  message  of  hope  in  the  face  of despair. We need it, because life is under assault  today,  from  outside  our  society  and from within. From outside, we live under the threat   of  terrorism   and   war.   Within   our society, there flourishes what St John Paul II called a culture of death. Abortion  takes the lives  of  unborn  children.   A  movement   is under way to legalize assisted suicide and eventually  euthanasia.  Our  church  has  not been  immune  and  sadly  our  priests   have sinned and some Bishops have not given the leadership we expected of them.


In the face of these threats  from within and without,  Christ's  empty  tomb  tells  us  every year what we need to hear over and over: that sin and death do not have the last word, and that we should never lose hope. The disciples gave up on Good Friday. They watched Jesus die, and they thought they saw the end of all their  hopes   and  dreams.   Giving up  is something we are all, at some time, tempted to do. Some people give up on church. Some give up on the government. Some give up on their  families.  Some  give  up  on  life,  and some give up on themselves.


The disciples watched Jesus die, and they thought  that  this  was  the  end  of  all  their hopes and dreams.  They were about to give up.   But Easter burst forth in glory and joy and  suddenly  their  whole  life  was transformed. This is what God wants to do in our lives too.


Through  baptism  we share  in the very life of the crucified  and risen Christ  and so we are made  new.  It may  be that at times  we are  like  Peter,  who  on  reaching  the  tomb just looks in and wonders,  but there comes a point when  we are asked  to take the risk of  faith  of  seeing  and  believing  that  God could   indeed   love  us  so  dearly   that  He offers us a share in His eternal life.


Can we open our hearts to that new life that is being offered to us?   It was the disciples who loved  who  saw  and  believed  in  the  Risen Lord.

Fr Kevin O'Shea, C.M.