Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C - 5th June, 2016

God's Compassionate Love

We see and read and hear about people who seem totally helpless - poor people in developing countries, the incurably sick, those imprisoned for life, and others who live in dire situations.


And what about us? Do we not also experience times of helplessness? Indeed we do. Many is the time we do not know which way to turn. So we all need deliverance. We all need healing. We all need assurance and courage. But where can we find these things?


Our heart tells us that such help must be available somewhere, for without it life would only lead to despair. Fortunately, this is more than just a feeling. We have the assurance of God's help. That assurance is given to us in to-day’s gospel reading.


We are told how Jesus meets up with a funeral procession in the town of Nain. The only son of a widow was being buried. In that society she was left alone and destitute. Later on when Jesus was dying on the cross, he asked John to look after his own mother.


Jesus was "moved with compassion." Approaching the stretcher he said, "Young man, I say to you, rise! The dead man sat up and began to speak, and Jesus gave him to his mother."


Raising the young man was a miracle, but it was also a sign. Now we know that Jesus not only shares our lot; he is also the lord of life and death, and his power is to heal and to save. We know that he calls us to the fullness of life, to a life stronger than death .


The marvellous return to life of the widow's son can only inspire us with a great hope in the face of death. It is surely a symbol of our future resurrection which however, will be yet more wonderful since, much better than recovering our earthly life, we shall share in the very life of God. But it also urges us to join in praising Jesus for those many spiritual resurrections that occur in all our lives as he summons us to new life. Let us rejoice that our lives are in the hands of a compassionate and loving God.


In this Year of Mercy, God is offering us His divine compassion let us embrace it with an open and grateful heart and never take God’s infinite love for granted.


Fr Kevin O'Shea, C.M.