Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C - 26th June 2016

Putting Our Hands to the Plough

The crucial word in today's Gospel is the word "resolutely". This is how Luke describes Jesus setting out on the road to Jerusalem where his destiny is to be fulfilled in suffering, death and, ultimately, resurrection.

It is not a road easily followed - and we are not privy to the heart and soul-searching that must have gone into it on Jesus' part. We do know, however, that his own resolve was something he knew would have to be matched by his disciples.

Being a disciple of Jesus in our own day brings its own challenges - and our resolve can be sorely tested. Our reservations and temptations will be different from those of the people mentioned in today's Gospel - but they are nonetheless real.

Our modern world has created many gods for us to follow. There is the god of consumerism who tells us that happiness lies in having more, and the god of individualism who tells us that happiness lies in doing your own thing regard-less of others, and so on. Like the peoples of ancient times we are still challenged by the questions: Who is your God? To whom do you give your wholehearted allegiance?

To give it to the God of Jesus Christ  is not easy. At times we will be tempted to turn back, to look for more appealing gods.

Paul reminds the Galatians that it is not fidelity to an external observance of laws that will make them followers of Jesus but rather living by the power of the Spirit. The way of the Spirit is the one that puts them on the true path of service of one another. This is perhaps why Jesus is so uncompromising in his demands, because he does not want his followers to imagine for one moment that this is some kind of 'easy option'

May we have the faith to keep the Lord ever in our sight and the courage to follow Jesus along a path that is often difficult but is in fact the only path to life and happiness at God's right hand  for ever.

Fr Kevin