24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C - 11th September 2016

Love is Patient, Love is Kind


There is nothing more wonderful than hearing someone say to you: 'I love you.' When someone loves us we don't feel alone, we walk secure, we are able also to face difficulties and critical situations. If then our being loved becomes mutual, hope and trust are reinforced, and we feel protected. 


When we see others as rivals, competitors, enemies, to the point of wanting their harm, to the point of crushing them, even eliminating them, as sadly we see happening in the news every day. Even though we may not go so far, don't we also accumulate grudges, distrust, hostility or simple indifference towards persons who have hurt us or who we find unpleasant or who do not belong to our social circle? 


Wanting the good of one another, means following the path of mercy, ready to forgive one another every time we slip up. Talking of this, Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Community, tells us about the experience at the beginning of her new Christian community. In order to put Jesus' command into practice, she and her first companions made a pact of mutual love. And yet, despite this, 'especially in the early times it was not always easy for a group of girls to live love radically. We were people like anyone else when we realized the shortcomings, the imperfections, of the others and we judged them, so that the current of mutual love grew cold.


'In reaction to this situation one day we thought we would make a pact among us that we called the "pact of mercy". We decided every morning. to see each neighbour, we met as really new, without remembering at all the other's defects, but covering everything with love. It was a matter of meeting everyone with this complete amnesty in out hearts, with this universal pardon. It was a powerful commitment, taken by all of us together, an imitation of God who is merciful, who forgives and forgets'


A pact of mercy! Couldn't this be a way of growing in kindness?


Fabio Ciardi