Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                Year B  
                 Sunday  18th October 2015 

Today, every parish in the world will celebrate World Mission Sunday as a sign of the Church's global solidarity in mission.  The Church does not work to  extend her power or assert her dominion but rather to lead all people to Christ and to be at the service of all humanity especially the poor.
In the Gospels, Christ first calls his  disciples  to “come” to Him and then he “sends” them to continue His mission. This is also our call and our mission.
Pope Francis writes “ The joy of the  Gospel is born of the encounter with Christ and from sharing with the poor. For this reason I encourage parish communities to live an intense fraternal life, grounded in love for Jesus and concern for the needs of the most disadvantaged”. 
Pope Francis reminds us that we are all  missionaries and that a true missionary is passionate for the Gospel and that our  efforts should be directed to the poor. “There is an inseparable bond between our faith and the poor. May we never abandon them”
Yes, this is an enormous task and well be-yond our human efforts but let us take  courage from the transformation that took place in his first disciples. Our gospel today tells us how imperfect they were. We read that the sons of Zebedee sought power and glory, preferential treatment . When the other ten heard this they were jealous of them.  All of them misunderstood the mission of Jesus and deserted him in his hour of need.
 But after the Resurrection they are largely free from all these inclinations and are open to what Jesus wants of them.   They rose to the challenge which Jesus put to them and, with his help, they established the church.  They did indeed drink the Chalice of the Lord and became friends of God.  As a  result, their sound has gone out to every land and their words to the furthest boundaries of the earth.  They grew in communion with Christ, experienced his risen presence and fulfilled his mission. We are called to do the same.
Let us ask the Risen Lord to be with us, transforming us as he transformed his first disciples and making us truly His  missionaries in today’s world.  
                                                                       Fr Kevin O'Shea CM  

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