Vision Statement

The Parish of the Sacred Heart and Mary Immaculate is part of the pilgrim family of God, a community guided by the Holy Spirit which comes together in accordance with our shared Catholic values, where every member is welcome and cherished. It is an extension of the home where together we come to realise our baptismal consecration and become living witnesses to Christ in our everyday lives.

The shared celebration of the Sunday Eucharist is the most important way in which we meet as a parish family. Through our common baptism and celebration of the sacraments we share in the saving mission of Christ.

We embrace every member of our parish as a brother or sister in the body of Christ. We reach out to those in other communities with love, friendship, and a spirit of fellowship. Our commitment leads us to answer the cries of those in spiritual or temporal need with solidarity and support, both in the community and in the wider world.

We strive to understand and listen to the needs, concerns, and aspirations of all the members of our community, encouraging and nurturing their gifts and talents to reach our shared goals. We work to foster a spirit of unity, compassion and support among all the groups within our parish, and we are committed to working for their benefit.

The Parish is a community which:

Therefore as a community we are called to bring love, justice and mercy to the world. In our daily lives we live out the Gospel through the values we bring to family life, to our professions, and to the world.

We open this community to all people, welcoming especially those who are searching for a community of faith, or who have previously felt alienated or unable to participate in the life of the Catholic Church.

We are called to holiness. The Parish is where Christ’s faithful hear and answer their call to holiness.