"Walk With Me" Programme

Walk With Me

Do you have a son daughter or Grandchild at a non-Catholic School?

Walk Me programme provides young people (aged 5-15yrs) attending non-Catholic Schools an opportunity to understand and grow in their Catholic Faith in a lively enjoyable way.

Walk with Me

Provides a varied 4 year RE programme for children of all ages which follows the Liturgical Year and matches the RE provided in Catholic Schools.

Walk With Me 2

Walk with Me

Provides an opportunity for young people who have missed the Parish Baptism, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion courses to prepare for the Sacraments.

Walk With Me 3

Walk with Me

Introduces young people to the Bible, Catholic prayers hymns and spirituality.

Walk With Me 4

Walk with Me

Sessions follow the journey of the disciples on the road to Emmaus

Walk With Me 5

Walk with Me

Also offers:

Walk with Me

Meets every Sunday during term time in the Hall after 10.00am Mass for 1 hour. Each lesson begins with a refreshment and provides activities for the children matched to their age group.

There is a charge of £25 for the first child and £15 for each sibling. For More information please contact the presbytery. 

Next programme & class times to be arranged


To cover the cost of refreshments and resource materials a charge of £25/yr for the first child (£15 for additional children) is necessary.