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Glancing at an early edition of the Parish Directory, one quickly notes how much has changed during the past twenty years. Although it is sad to see some old friends die, retire or move elsewhere, we must also appreciate the vibrancy of our parish that continues to flourish. In the intermediary years, the old church has been demolished and a new one has been built. While rejoicing at this achievement, we must be mindful that it is only an external change. Of far more importance is the hidden internal change. We must recognise and acknowledge that as a parish we are a living organism, the Body of Christ.

Christ's desire was that we would all be "one" and that we should care, support and love one another. He has also asked us to proclaim the "Good News" to the whole world.

The new members of our parish will find this web site to be a useful introduction to the life of our community. But please, do not treat it as a source of information, but rather see it as an invitation to become actively involved. It is also an invitation to the long standing members to become more active. Maybe when you first arrived you were submerged in so many other commitments, but now that you have the time you are being invited to offer some of it to God and others.

In his letter "The Church in Europe" June 2003, Pope John Paul wrote "The contribution of lay faithful to the life of the Church is essential: they have an irreplaceable role in the proclamation and the service of the Gospel of hope, since through them the church of Christ is made present in the various sectors of the world, as a sign and source of hope and of love". The final words of every Mass: "Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life." should remind us of this.

Being humble servants of the Lord is both our responsibility and our privilege. Like good servants we should be eager to do what God wants of us, not out of hope of a reward, but out of love and zeal in his service.

May our generous service to the Church in this parish open our hearts to receive God's gratuitous gift of eternal life. May others truly say of us "see how they love one another".

Father Michael McCullagh, C.M. Parish Priest