I was a stranger and you welcomed me...


May the door of this church
be wide enough to receive
all who hunger for love.
All who are lonely for fellowship.

May it welcome all
who have cares to unburden,
thanks to express,
hopes to nurture.

May the doors of this church
be narrow enough to shut out
pettiness and pride,
envy and enmity.

May this sanctuary welcome
all who seek serenity,
renewal, and truth;
may it be, for all of us,
the gateway to a richer
and more meaningful life.

As our parish continues to grow we are challenged to find ways to continue to be a welcoming people. As a simple gesture some parishioners have been invited to be in the Narthex to welcome new and visiting people. However, welcoming is not the task of the few but of all of us!

In his letter to the Romans, St Paul tells us to welcome one another as Christ welcomes us. A group of parishioners has agreed  to welcome people as they arrive for Mass on Sunday. This is an important ministry, and if you would like to help, please contact the presbytery.

Parish Welcomers make a point of contact at the church entrance, especially for newcomers, as they give out Mass and Hymn books. They organise occasional coffee mornings after the 11:30 Sunday Mass to facilitate meeting between old and new parishioners.

Guidelines for Welcomers