An Appeal for Welcomers

Dear Parishioner


At the Open Day, held on 5th March, I had the opportunity to address the meeting on the subject of finding volunteers to act as Welcomers.


In summary, I said that one of the activities the parish is pursuing in response to Pope Francis’ exhortation to build missionary parishes, as proposed in Proclaim ‘15, is to make our parish more welcoming and missionary.


The proposal is that we, as a welcoming group, encourage parishioners to become more active in the church’s activities by offering them help in selecting ways to involve themselves. Many of our parishioners are not aware of the diverse number of activities available through which they can express their devotion to God.


Also, many parishioners, especially the ones new to the parish often have queries on matters such registration, offertory envelopes, baptism, first holy communion and confirmation.


At the time, I suggested that everyone pause to think of a person, a couple or a family that they might approach to be a welcomer.


The purpose of this letter is to ask if you made approaches to anyone and if there was any positive reaction or, indeed, if you yourself would like to like to offer a few minutes of your time each month in furtherance of Pope Francis’ exhortation.


We would be grateful if you would forward to the Parish Office contact details of likely volunteers that you have contacted or indeed contact details of people you may not have contacted personally but that you think may be likely candidates


Volunteers would be given training in how to approach the required task. In essence, this would be as follows:


Before mass


     Try to be at the church fifteen minutes beforehand and make yourself aware of where the registration forms and various information sheets for the church are placed;

     Ensure that missals. Hymn books and church bulletins are available for distribution. Hand these out as people arrive;

     Greet each person attending in a friendly and courteous manner

     All welcomers to wear a badge and a sash


After mass


     Would need to be in the narthex before the congregation leaves, standing at both exits

     Be attentive to those leaving the service in order to giVe information or offer assistance as required.

     Help make any visitors feel welcome . Encourage them to stay for coffee morning if there is one after the mass. This is mainly after the 11.30 mass - engage in conversation if they are standing on their own.


In conclusion, I would beg you to consider this approach to friends, neighbors and fellow parishioners as an important contribution to Mill Hill’s Proclaim‘15 effort to become a more welcoming and missionary parish.


Please pass any queries to the Parish Office.


Many thanks and God Bless.


Chris Thornton

The Good News Group.